Core Beliefs
We believe the Bible is the very word of God and is to be our final authority in all matters of faith and life.
We believe in one God that exists in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died to save men from their sins.
We believe that men are saved by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
We believe that baptism is the means by which people are to publicly profess their faith in Christ and identify themselves with his death, burial, and resurrection.
Open, Non-Judgmental (God loves everybody-we should too),Bible believing (It’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth), Relevant (What good is the truth if it’s not applied to real life?) Community of Believers (We rub elbows with each other daily-not just on Sundays) Accountable to God and each other (Everybody ought to answer to somebody), In order to grow in our faith(If it’s cold and still, it might be dead), And reach the western and rural culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ (We love the country life. God created it that wayJ).
Let’s repeat that.
Brush Country Cowboy Church of Live Oak County is an open, non-judgmental, Bible believing, relevant Community of Believers accountable to God and each other, in order to grow in our faith and reach the western and rural culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our Philosophy
Brush Country Cowboy Church of Live Oak County is a low barrier seeker sensitive church. Everything we do (or don’t do) is guided by one simple question: Will doing this make it easier for those not familiar with Jesus Christ to come to church and hear the gospel? If the answer is no, then we will put it aside unless doing so would violate the clear teaching of scripture. To put it another way, Cowboy Church is not designed to make church folks comfortable. It is designed to be a safe welcoming environment for those unaccustomed to attending church. Because this is so, you will find a number of things that are different about our church.

We let people come and go anonymously.
Many people today value their space and time above all else. They don’t want unannounced visits or telephone calls during dinner. At Cowboy Church, we give them all the space they want. We do not ask them to fill out a visitor’s card nor do we do follow up with them until they give us permission to do so.
We do not do altar calls.
While going to the front of the church for prayer is an age old tradition, it is one that makes many people uncomfortable-especially if they are required to stand up before several hundred people in order to accept Christ or receive prayer. We always make prayer available, but we do not require people to come to the front to receive it.
We don’t pass the offering plate.
Although we need money to operate just as any church does, we do not believe that money should become the focal point of the church. If someone’s heart leads them to give, we provide a place for them to do so. If their heart does not lead them to give, that’s alright too. We believe God will provide.


                                          We let the band do most of the singing.


While many Christians deeply enjoy an emotionally engaging worship service, many people unfamiliar with church find it confusing and sometimes even stressful. Emotional displays scare them. So we forego some of these things in order that they can settle down and actually hear what the songs and the message are saying about Jesus Christ.
And of course, we let people come as they are.
Let’s face it. Some folks don’t have time to dress up, some folks don’t have clothes to dress up with, and some folks wouldn’t dress up even if they could. No matter what people choose to wear, we want them to hear the gospel. So there’s no dress code here. People are encouraged to wear whatever is comfortable to them.
None of these things are incidental or accidental. They are all designed to give the person who doesn’t know Christ and opportunity to hear the gospel. Most Churches cater to the mature Christian. We just believe there should be at least one that’s designed to reach out to those who do not yet know Christ.
Ya’ll are welcome to contact our pastor, Pat Traxler, if you have a question or a need.


His number is (830) 583-5718 and his e-mail is





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